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July 13th, 2017

Few New Yorkers think of the city as one place. It is a diverse area where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – the parts, in this case, being its many neighborhoods. Those who are new to the city may find it difficult to keep up with New Yorker lingo – what in the world is a bushwick? – which is why we’ve listed the top 5 places that New Yorkers are moving.

Murray Hill

In the mid 19th-century, Murray Hill was considered the most elite neighborhood in New York City. As the city grew over time, long time residents moved on to greener pastures. With rent and social status dropping, younger residents started moving in by the 1990s. Today, the neighborhood is known as a hotspot for restaurants, nightlife, and shops. If you skew toward the younger age range and are looking for an area where the fun is a short walk away, Murray Hill is the place to go.


Gourmets love SoHo. Artisan restaurants and trendy boutiques pack this Manhattan neighborhood; home to aspiring artists and established celebrities. Such a reputation comes with its costs, SoHo is one of the less affordable neighborhoods in New York City.

Kips Bay

If you are looking to move your family into New York, Kips Bay is considered one of the quieter areas. Like SoHo, Kips Bay is located in Manhattan, south of Murray Hill between 34th and 23rd streets. The greener scenery and low key atmosphere make it one of the better places in the city to raise your kids. If you are planning on living alone, Kips Bay is also paving the way for the micro-apartment trend.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich may be considered the most creative neighborhood in New York City. Much of the creative talent lives here, and it is home to New York University. The busy restaurants and independently owned art venues help give the area a cozy community feel while still having the benefits of a bustling city.

Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t let the name scare you away, Hell’s Kitchen is the place to be for aspiring actors due to its proximity to many Broadway theaters and the Actors Studio. Current public transportation routes also make this neighborhood desirable for residents looking for short commute times.New York City attracts personalities from all around the world. It is rare for someone to move in and not find a neighborhood that they can call home. What isn’t rare is running out of space in a New York apartment. With the city’s population continuing to grow and smaller spaces going up for rent – like the previously mentioned micro-apartments – many residents rely on a storage unit to keep their valuable items safe. Make storage easy by renting at one of Treasure Island Storage’s many available locations.