Top Cities Millennials Are Moving to Across America


TI Storage
May 3rd, 2021

Young adults across the nation are reconsidering where they live and opting to pick up their lives and try something new. Bustling cities offer plenty of opportunities for new professionals, and migration patterns have shifted to show that millennials are storing their possessions and moving in droves to reap the benefits of these areas.

What Are the Best Cities for Millennials to Move To?

Some cities are attracting the millennial crowd more than others, so we compiled a list of some of the most popular cities millennials are flocking to across the country.

New York City, New York

No matter the year, it seems like New York City never sleeps on making the list of most popular cities to which young adults are moving. There’s no debating that the Big Apple has some of the best food and culture in the world, so it’s really no surprise that NYC is always a top contender. The apartments in the boroughs are infamously tiny, but Treasure Island Storage offers plenty of facilities around the city to store anything that won’t fit into your new digs.

Denver, Colorado

This mile-high city offers a little something for everyone, which is probably why young adults are so attracted to it. Whether you prefer to hike up some of the tallest mountains in the nation or are just looking to peruse the booming tech industry, Denver has you covered. If Colorado is calling your name, you can start collecting your ski equipment and store them with us until you make your move.

Seattle, Washington

This rainy city in the Pacific Northwest was called “the ultimate millennial city” after census data showed that millennials made up about 36% of the population. We aren’t sure whether the progressive culture or the above-average salaries are attracting so many young people, but we know there’s no better city to enjoy a craft coffee after a hike in a lush evergreen forest.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is most well-known for its country music scene, but that isn’t the top reason so many millennials are flocking there. Young transplants blame the affordability and sense of community for the city’s appeal. Millennials are increasingly looking to connect with the people around them, and Nashville’s legendary hospitality makes it a great place to start.

Austin, Texas

For the young adults who like to “keep it weird,” the Texas capital seems to be a popular choice. Another hotbed for the tech industry, Austin is creating jobs that are enticing thousands to flock to the city. New residents will also be able to benefit from world-famous barbeque and some of the best tacos you can find north of the border.

Need a Place to Store Your Belongings in NYC During Your Move?

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