Top Disadvantages of In-Home Storage in New York

Ti Storage

TI Storage
June 16th, 2020

Living in New York City’s vertically-structured layout leaves you with little room to store extra belongings. Think about how nice it would be to finally clean out the coat closet by your front door. You’ve spent years collecting new things and find that you no longer have the space to store them. Eventually, you’re forced to move your coats upstairs and the old coat closet becomes one big messy storage room. The problem with a messy closet is that you probably haven’t seen or used most of the stuff you bought. Or, if you purchased something valuable and chose to store it, there’s a chance it could get ruined. At this point, many people choose to rent a storage facility space in New York. If you haven’t tried this yet, consider the major disadvantages of in-home storage. 

The Cost of Clutter in Your Home 

To live in a clutter-free home would mean that you have space for everything. For most residents in NYC, this isn’t the case. Living in a cluttered home with full closets, drawers that don’t shut, and things with no place to go can disrupt your living situation. It’s not that the clutter doesn’t bother you and that you’re a messy person; most of the time it’s the simple fact that there’s just no space for all of your stuff. You don’t have the luxury of space to build special storage units in your home, so you’re left with no other option than to jam everything in one cluttered space because you don’t want to have to throw any of your belongings away. Over time, this mess build-ups and you’re stuck rummaging through drawers and closets looking for your favorite work shoes. 

Your Valuables Aren’t Stored in a Climate-Controlled Space

One of the perks of living in NYC is that you get to experience the four seasons; but, this brings extreme changes in weather throughout the year, including heat and humidity in the summer and cold and dry winters. People who own items that are fragile or sensitive to fluctuations in the weather may experience challenges in storing them in their homes. With the heat, your belongings could start to melt or crack. Humidity can cause mold and other types of bacteria to grow. But, the most worrisome for your valuables would be the extreme cold weather, which can cause any moisture in your possessions to freeze and cause them to break. Here’s a list of some valuables that might need a climate-controlled space:
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Media
  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Clothing 
With the limited space you already have and the failure to properly care for your valuable items, you could risk losing something of great worth or importance. 

How Can a Cluttered Home Cause Stress?

There’s no doubt that keeping up with a cluttered home requires a great deal of work. You’re constantly having to find new places to shove your many items. Research shows that cluttered environments influence unproductive behaviors such as an inability to focus, bad eating habits, and lack of sleep. Eventually, these factors can cause you to feel frustrated and stressed.  In fact, you’re consistently having to exhaust your energy toward decluttering your space to find things or clean your home. The stress intensifies when you want to invite family or friends over, but feel too overwhelmed and embarrassed for anyone to see how you live. Remember, so many things in life that cause stress, so don’t let your home be one of them! 

Declutter Your NYC Home Today with Affordable Self-Storage

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