Top NYC Zoom Meeting Backgrounds

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August 19th, 2021

Companies are trading in board rooms for zoom meetings to communicate as businesses continue to favor the work-from-home practice. With so many businesses making the change from in-person meetings to virtual, you want to remain as professional as possible, even if you are working out of your living room.At Treasure Island Storage, we know that people tend to find it challenging to have a professional-looking background for Zoom meetings when their workspace is filled with clutter. That is why we offer flexible storage options to help clear up your environment so you can have a productive and professional area to conduct all of your work-from-home duties.

NYC Backgrounds That Will Impress Your Clients and Colleagues

Prior to 2020, most people didn’t think they’d be conducting the majority of their work meetings from home, but COVID-19 had other plans. With 32 percent of adults reporting that they still work from home, many companies have found that switching from offices to living rooms is not half bad. In fact, 52% of Americans have stated that they can do most, if not all, of their responsibilities from home, and this allows companies to cut overhead costs that come with having in-office workers.While Zoom meeting may not have been the plan, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional and interesting background to impress your colleagues and clients. The following are the top NYC backgrounds to use in your next zoom meeting:
  • NYC Parks: NYC may be the concrete jungle, but they also have some beautiful parks. Download a photo of Central Park or Blue Heron park for a beautiful natural view of all of your meetings.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: If you are in touch with your artistic side and want to show that you are creative, add a photo from one of your favorite exhibits at The Met.
  • Historical NYC: For all of our history buffs out there, the NYC Department of Records has put together over two million downloadable photos of historical photos of the city, maps, and posters.
  • Tenement Museum: Want to look like you are stuck in another time period? The Tenement Museum has several backgrounds available for download depicting different historical apartment settings.
  • New York Public Library: If you consider yourself a bookworm, what better background than the rows and rows of books at the New York Public Library.
  • Grand Central Terminal: Probably one of the most recognizable NYC backgrounds, you can admire the beauty of this iconic place from afar.
  • Statue of Liberty: Another iconic landmark; feel patriotic with this as your background on your next zoom meeting.
Do not let a boring white wall be the first thing people notice in your Zoom meeting. Try one of these unique backgrounds to spice up your weekly meetings!

NYC Self Storage Can help Clear Out Your Work Area

If you are working from home, it can be hard to feel motivated amongst all of your home’s clutter. At Treasure Island Storage, we have the resources to help you declutter your work area to make your own creative and professional background.With free move-in and your first month free, renting a storage space to store unneeded items in your home office is cost-effective and beneficial in improving your work-from-home experience. Offering flexible storage solutions and 24/7 security, you will have peace of mind when storing your property. To reserve your space fill out our contact form or call (646) 603-1505.