Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Storage Unit


TI Storage
April 5th, 2021

We give the term “spring cleaning” a whole new meaning at Treasure Island Storage. We believe it is the best time to declutter your storage units and get even more use out of the space you have with us. Once you have your unit and your move is complete, it can be easy to forget about the items you put away.We encourage you to take these spring-cleaning tips for your storage unit and use them to make your spring even brighter.

Clean Your Storage Unit Inside and Out

Maybe your storage unit became a dumping ground for all of the stuff you wanted out of your living space, but now that you are settled, it’s time to reassess those itemsGo through your items one by one. Depending on the size of your unit, it might be best to sort things into bags rather than making piles. This way, you will feel less overwhelmed if your unit is small or crowded. You can have a bag for items from your unit you want to sell, donate, or simply toss. Do whatever is best and easiest for you. You might even find some items that you want to bring back home!When it comes to selling your items, there are tons of apps that make it easy, like Mercari, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. You can do most of your selling right from your phone by posting a few pictures. As you go through the items in your unit that you want to sell, post them on the app of your choice right then and there! In a busy city like New York, these apps get a lot of traffic and it is likely your items will sell by the time you’re done with your cleanout.If you plan on donating, there are many local organizations in New York City that take used items. If there are items you don’t think are sellable or donatable, bag them up for the trash and move on! Spring cleaning is the time to do so.

Dust, Wipe, and Sanitize Your Storage Unit

Now that your storage unit is de-cluttered, it can’t hurt to do a little cleaning. While our facilities are temperature-controlled and common spaces are kept clean, we do not clean inside the units.We recommend dusting off your items, sweeping up open floor space, and wiping down with a disinfectant. Doing so will only increase the preservation of your items while they are here at Treasure Island Storage.

Ready to Start Fresh?

If you don’t have a unit with Treasure Island Storage yet, start your spring off right by decluttering your home and creating a freshly organized storage unit. You can use your storage unit to store winter items you don’t need and go into the season refreshed! To learn more, you can fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 646-603-1505. We look forward to hearing from you!