TI Storage
May 15th, 2018

Your home electronics are likely some of the most expensive and frequently used items you own. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, properly packing and moving these delicate machines is essential to keeping them in good working order.Try these tips when moving to a new home with your TV, computer, speakers, or other electronics.

Organizing and PackingBefore disconnecting wires, take a picture of the connections so you can set them up correctly at your new home. You can also use a color-coding system with tape to easily match wires to connections.The ideal method of transporting electronics is to pack them in their original boxes with the packing materials. If you’re missing these, choose a container that can accommodate both the unit and packing material you plan on using (such as bubble wrap). Once packed, electronics should fit snugly inside the box and stay put when you move or lift it. Pack the wires, remotes, and other components to each item in the same box. Make sure to have the top moving tools handy at all times.

Moving TVs and ScreensPick packaging materials depending on the type of TV or monitor you have. If possible, ask the mover to cushion and maneuver the TV as they would a delicate piece of furniture. You can also consider a third-party service that specializes in safely packing and shipping TVs.

Computers and DevicesIf you’re packing a laptop or desktop computer, backup your files to the cloud or an external hard drive before moving the system. Make sure to remove all devices and drives and shut down the computer before putting it in the box. As with other electronics, the original box and packaging is the best method, followed by an appropriately sized box with bubble wrap if you no longer have the computer’s original packaging.If you’re moving a printer, take out ink cartridges to prevent spills and damage during transit. Also take a look at these tips for storing vintage video games and consoles.

After You’ve ArrivedWait at least 24 hours after the move to plug in your electronics. Waiting allows them to adjust to the climate of the new location. This method is especially important during colder months or after a long-distance move.With some preparation and the right moving supplies, you can ensure that your favorite electronics will live on in your new home. If you’re looking for a storage to secure all your electronics if needed, then look no further. Treasure Island Storage has served New York City and New Jersey areas for over 15 years. With top notch security and climate controlled facilities, Treasure Island Storage can be trusted in caring for your electronics. Contact us today to find a storage location near you. Ask about how you can receive a free moving rental truck if needed, or free storage quote.