Using Self-Storage to Prepare for a Pop-Up Shop in NYC

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August 16th, 2021

The summer months provide the perfect time of year to have a New York City pop-up shop! A pop-up shop is a temporary restaurant or retail structure often found at open markets like farmer’s markets or local festivals. This rising trend amongst businesses is an excellent opportunity to network and market your business with a group of potential customers you may not have reached otherwise.Treasure Island Storage is a New York City self-storage facility that offers flexible storage options to business owners. Self-storage can be helpful when preparing for a pop-up shop as you will likely have a lot of extra materials you will need for the pop-up shop that you do not want or do not have room for in your main storefront.

Why Should You Do a Pop-Up Shop in NYC?

Pop-up shops are a great opportunity to get acquainted with members of the community that are not frequent patrons of your business. Especially in New York City, where there is so much foot traffic throughout the city, it is an excellent opportunity to catch a few people walking by and potentially gain new clientele. Aside from gaining new customers, some other reasons you should consider a New York City pop-up shop are:
  • Bring an online brand in-person
  • Network with community members
  • Bring awareness to your business
  • Gives businesses a trial run if they are not yet ready to rent or buy a traditional storefront
There are many more benefits to a pop-up shop, but you will want to utilize self-storage to store any additional products you will need, large tables, a tent, signage, and other paraphernalia you will need to be successful.

Consider These Pop-Up Shop Ideas

A pop-up shop can be whatever you want it to be and should entirely reflect your business and its brand. Consider these popular ideas that may help you shape your pop-up shop:
  • Secret Pop-Up Shop: If you have a decent social media following, give your followers clues as to the pop-up location and award the first ten or twenty customers who show up to the correct spot some sort of discount, gift, or prize.
  • Branded party: Embrace your brand and have a fun, themed party setting at your pop-up. Play some music, provide refreshments, and enjoy your time getting to know new and old customers.
  • Release A Special Product: Create hype and excitement for your pop-up by releasing a new product exclusive to the event.
These ideas are fun and budget-friendly, ways to have a fruitful pop-shop for any business!

Use Self Storage For A Successful Pop-Up Shop

Self-storage is essential when considering all of the extra items needed for a pop-up shop. Especially for businesses that operate mainly through e-commerce sites, you likely do not have the space to store all the materials you will need for a successful pop-up.Treasure Island Storage offers businesses flexible self-storage options in the New York City Area. Offering free move-in and your first-month rental free, this is a cost-effective way to clear clutter and make space at your business. To find the perfect unit for your business, contact us here or call 212-804-8972.