TI Storage
November 19th, 2019

If you’re running a restaurant or catering service, there are countless things to consider. On top of everyday business decisions, figuring out where to keep your excess inventory should be the last thing on your mind. Rather than trying to create space where there clearly isn’t any, consider renting a storage unit instead! It’s an efficient and affordable option that clears space in your place of business and your mind to think about more important tasks for running your business.Check out the following list for all the ways that a storage unit can benefit your restaurant or catering service.

Where’s a Good Place to Store Perishable Items?

For wine, spices, and most other perishables that don’t need to be refrigerated, a storage unit with climate control can be a great option. While most storage facilities don’t recommend households keep perishable items in a storage unit, for restaurants and catering services that go through their product at a much faster rate, the rules are different. A restaurant or catering service can avoid spoilage and wasted, rotten food because of the constant flow of items going in and out, so this solution can be beneficial.

Where’s a Good Place to Store Non-Perishable Items?

Many restaurants and catering services have an overflowing inventory of non-perishable items. As a solution for all those extra chaffers, Lexan’s, chairs, tables, dishes, etc. – consider a storage unit to free up space.Look for a facility that’s safe and secure with lots of space. You want enough room so that you can locate the items you store when you’re in a hurry to find it.

Where’s a Good Place to Store for Unplanned Rush Periods?

Most restaurant and catering service owners are aware of the extra busy times of the year. But sometimes those rush periods come at a time that’s most unexpected. When this happens, be prepared to accommodate that extra business by having items stored away for these exact sorts of situations. Whether that’s perishable food items, extra tables for extra bodies, or backup appliances – whatever you need will be readily available when you must have it quickly.

Where Can You Store Seasonal or Special-Occasion Items?

People who go out to restaurants and order catering services often do so in light of a special occasion. That could mean an anniversary celebration, a holiday party, or a birthday blowout. Whatever the affair, you’ll likely have extra decorations and embellishments to create that particular atmosphere. When it’s off-season, having somewhere to keep these excess items will allow space in the place you need it most – at your business.

What’s the Best Storage for Maximum Business Efficiency?

The key to a profitable business is creating efficient and streamlined processes. Developing efficient methods can equate to lower costs and higher profits. When successful restaurateurs or catering entrepreneurs are making essential decisions for efficient operations, they should consider the environment that their business creates. An inviting place shouldn’t feel cramped or crowded.Create an engaging atmosphere by de-cluttering your restaurant and place excess items in a secure storage facility. Having somewhere to keep your non-essentials so they’re safe and attainable will allow a comfortable condition for your operations and an inviting place for your customers.

Restaurant and Catering Service Storage Units in NYC

If you have a restaurant or catering service business in New York City or in the New Jersey metro areas, Treasure Island Storage has options that can help. With a variety of sizes and features in our many locations, we have storage units specifically made to meet your commercial storage needs.We offer free pick up services, climate-controlled units, with the best in security. Treasure Island Storage has more than a decade of experience in the commercial storage business, so we know how to take proper care of all your restaurant and business belongings. Give us a call at 347-454-7455 to find out about all our units, services, and locations today.