What Can I Fit in a 10×10-square foot Storage Unit?


TI Storage
January 20th, 2020

Once you’ve decided to rent a storage unit and have found a facility that’s nearby and convenient, your next big decision is choosing what size unit you need. You can start by determining just how much you want to put in there, but you might also be wondering, “Okay, what happens if I choose the wrong size?” That’s actually not uncommon, since it’s not easy to visualize how much space you’re going to need. And it can happen if you rent a larger unit, then remove certain large items and no longer need that much space; or if you rent a smaller one that comfortably fits what you need to store but later decide to put more into storage. Either way, what you’ve got can be mismatched with what you plan to store.Fortunately, it’s easy to switch sizes if you need to make the necessary changes in your rental agreement. So let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when you’re selecting your first storage unit to rent.

Take an Inventory of What You Want in Storage

A good place to start is by taking an inventory of everything you want to put into storage. You could jot down a list or use a measuring tape for some of your larger items. Once you’ve got the list and a general idea of what you’re storing, the employees at your self-storage facility can help you figure out what size unit works best for you.If you’re in New York City and you choose to store your belongings with an experienced company like Treasure Island Storage, they offer units in different sizes, and nearly all of them are climate-controlled to protect your belongings from major fluctuations in the atmosphere, like extreme heat and humidity or freezing winter cold. With a climate-controlled unit, it doesn’t matter if your unit is a tightly compact one or a very spacious one — the temperature stays the same in both.Most units will have a height of eight feet, so let’s take a look at what unit sizes you can find at most facilities, and what they’re typically used for. 

What Can You Fit Into Different Sized Storage Units?

For a quick overview of storage unit sizes, here’s a rough estimation of what you’re likely to be able to fit in each one, so you can start thinking about what size will work best for you. 
  • 5×5 Unit is usually the smallest, about 25 square feet, and similar to the size of a walk-in closet. If you think you could fit everything you want stored into one of your closets, such as books, boxes filled with older papers, or one piece of furniture, this is the unit for you. 
  • 5×10 Unit is double the size at 50 square feet, good for holding two larger pieces of furniture and multiple boxes.. 
  • 10×5 Unit is identical to a 5×10 unit, except it has a wider door and more storage depth, making it easier to access your items than in a 5×10.
  • 5×15 Unit is 75 square feet, and you could think of this as being similar in size to a small bedroom and what you could fit in there.
  • 10×10 Unit is 100 square feet, similar to the size of a larger bedroom space. These units are ideal for storing large furniture and appliances.
  • 10×15 Unit is 150 square feet and brings that up to the content of 2 bedrooms. 
  • 10×20 Unit is 200 square feet, and this would be the right size for cars or boats.
  • 10×25 Unit gives you 250 square feet — think of it as a unit where you could fit a small boat and still have room for plenty of other items. 

Discover TI Storage for Self-Storage Solutions in NYC 

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