What’s the Difference between Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Options?


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July 15th, 2021

You may not have enough space at home to store your book collection or antique car. Instead of throwing out those cherished items, invest in extra space.One of things that makes self-storage so convenient is that residents and professionals can use it short-term or long-term.

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage: What’s the Difference?

Self-storage is an excellent investment for those looking into more space. Before you can move things into a unit, you’ll need to decide which type of rental term will best suit your needs.

Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage refers to a storage rental term of less than three months. These units can hold items from one week to three months and allow flexible space when you need it. If you’re storing something for a party or renovating an office, placing items in short-term storage is a great option.There are many reasons short-term storage might be perfect for you and preparing to move your belongings comes with a few essential steps.
  • Leave yourself an aisle: You may want to consider if you will need to leave an aisle between your belongings when selecting a storage unit. If you’re planning on regularly accessing your belongings while they are in storage, you’ll need to organize your unit to leave enough space so that you can find and retrieve your items quickly.
  • Pay attention to your fragile items: While they may only be in storage for a short time, breakable items still need to be wrapped properly so they don’t break during the moving process.
  • Hold off on the tarps: In some cases, a tarp or dust covering is essential and depends on the situation. However, short-term leases usually don’t need these types of coverings because they will not be in storage that long.
Units that don’t require extensive lease times are ideal for people who need space right away.

Long-Term Storage

If you’re interested in storing your possessions for any period longer than three months, then long-term storage was made for you. Unlike short-term storage, you’re able to keep items secure in monitored spaces for longer periods of time. From home remodeling to art collecting, these spaces offer great options for people in need of storing items longer than three months.When using a long-term unit, there are essential storage tips to consider before moving your items. Consider the following:
  • Invest in quality packing materials: Both plastic wrappings and old boxes might be okay for short-term storage, but long-term storage will require materials resistant to dust. Plastic bags and wrappings trap moisture inside and can ruin items. Old boxes are less sturdy and safe than new ones.
  • Vacuum seal all clothing and fabric: Whether you’re keeping your grandmother’s wedding dress or father’s baseball uniform, vacuuming sealing clothing can help protect the fabric damage.
  • Use pallets to keep your items off the ground: Not only is keeping items off the ground easier for transferring, but it also helps air circulation and protects them from harm. Pallets can help keep the storage space organized, too.
Long-term storage units offer many advantages. Whether you’re looking to store something for six months or a few years, these options will allow you to organize and control your storage space.

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