What You Need to Know About Storing Your Wine Collection


TI Storage
June 23rd, 2020

If you’re an avid wine connoisseur, you probably already know the ins-and-outs of certain flavor accents of your favorite wines, snacks that pair with them, and how to enjoy the robust taste of each bottle. If your collection is getting bigger, you might also want to know how best to properly store your collection within its optimal range so that each wine is preserved to perfection. 

Why Store Your Wines at a Specific Room Temperature

Oenophiles know that red wine is stored at a higher temperature than white wine. Most people place their white wine in the fridge before enjoying it while leaving red wine out in the pantry. However, the proper storage of your wine collection dictates that it’s best to store your wine between 45° and 65°. Keeping your wine at temperatures above 65° essentially cooks it and breaks down all the natural chemicals, leaving you with a flat taste and aroma. On the other hand, storing your wine below 45° will dry out the cork, allowing air to seep into the bottle and oxidize the wine. That leaves you with something closer to the taste of vinegar. It’s commonly noted that 55° is the best temperature to store your wine over the long-term. The difference in temperatures can drastically change the taste composition of your wine, effectively ruining your favorite bottle. At TI Storage, our climate-controlled storage facilities will keep your collection at the perfect temperature, preserving your wine until you’re ready to enjoy it.

How Does Humidity Affect Your Wine Collection?

Another crucial factor to the proper storage of wine is to ensure that humidity levels remain between 60-80%. Similar to the issue with room temperature, the “sweet spot” for humidity control is close to 70%. Another useful tip that wine experts offer is to lay your wine bottles on their side so that some of the liquid is touching the cork to combat dryness. Dry air can cause the cork of the wine bottle to dry out, so it’s best to store your wine bottles in a storage container that’s climate-controlled.Avoiding hot and humid temperatures or cold dry weather is a key reason why your wine collection could benefit by being stored in one of the climate-controlled units at Treasure Island Storage. Our specially equipped wine storage facilities offer both humidity and temperature control so your wine is perfect whenever you decide to indulge! You can also access your wine collection 24/7.

Why Should Your Wine Collection Be Kept in the Dark?

Our final bit of advice is to keep your wine stored in a dark space, which helps to ensure your wine doesn’t age prematurely. UV light from the sun or light bulbs cause the molecules in wine to break down unnecessarily. The tinted bottles that wines are typically stored in become like sunglasses for your favorite beverage. They protect against exposure to harmful UV light, but they can only do so much. We recommend keeping your wine stored in a dark area so your bottles are safer over a longer period. That’s another advantage to storing your collection in one of the Treasure Island Storage units — they can be guarded against light 24/7.

NYC Wine Storage Available Today 

At Treasure Island Storage we offer a wide variety of storage units to meet all your personal and commercial needs. If you’re a wine collector, having the best vintages at your fingertips is essential. Treasure Island Storage has locations all across NYC and New Jersey anytime you need a bottle for dinner with friends. We enjoy helping our customers keep their wine safe in the most perfect conditions for their enjoyment. Our services for wine storage include:
  • A state of the art security system
  • Climate-controlled system to ensure optimal preservation of your wine
  • Instant online access to your inventory and order requests
  • Easy walk-in access to your supply
  • Pickup and delivery services
  • Free WiFi
  • No case-minimum requirement (store as much of or how little you like)
To secure one of our units for your wine collection, contact the Treasure Island Storage location nearest you today! Give us a call at 646-603-1505 or fill out our contact form to find out about all our units, services, and locations.