When Do You Know That You Need a Storage Unit?

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February 19th, 2020

More and more people are using self-storage units today, and the industry is booming. They’ve come to recognize that storage can save them space at your home or the office. But when do you know it’s time to rent a storage unit, and what should you look for in one? You’ve got plenty of options, from very small units to larger ones, and just how long you use one is entirely up to you.Self-storage units are designed to hold a wide variety of household and business items, ranging from furniture and clothing to office supplies and files, to collectibles. They’re not designed for everything. Items that are considered flammable, hazardous or dangerous are not suitable for storage, and neither are living things like plants or animals. Outside of that, anything you owe, large or small, that you can’t find room for at your home or office is suitable for a self-storage unit. So, when do you know it’s the right solution for you?

Who Needs Self-Storage the Most?

There are plenty of legitimate uses for self-storage. If you find yourself with too many belongings at your home or office and want to find a place for them while saving money, that’s when you benefit the most.

When It’s Time to Move

Self-storage is ideal for anyone who is moving or buying or selling a home. Anyone who has ever been between apartments will know just how valuable a storage unit becomes, whether they need it for a few weeks, a month, or much longer. If you’re temporarily crashing with friends or relatives, you don’t exactly want to haul your couch, bedroom set, dining table or washer-dryer over there. With a storage unit, you don’t have to. The same is true if you’ve sold your house and are waiting to close on a new one. 

Not Enough Closet Space

It’s happened to all of us: we run out of closet space. We open the door and the clothing, shoes, books and other items we’ve placed in there means it’s at capacity. That’s when your belongings are outpacing how much space you have at home.For some of us, that means downsizing: getting rid of what you no longer want or need. But for so many of us, a lot of what we own doesn’t fall into that category. Maybe we don’t use it every day, but we still want to keep it. That’s when self-storage becomes an appealing option. Storage units can be the size of a walk-in closet — or of a master bedroom if you truly need that much extra room.

Protection for an Expensive Investment

There are a lot of collectors out there who love growing their collections, whether they collect fine wine, historic books, or antiques. While some can be small hobbies, others invest serious money into their collection, and it’s worth a handsome price. Trying to keep their investments safe at home may sound a bit risky, which is when many collectors turn to self-storage units.Self-storage units are well protected, whether it’s through video monitoring and proper outdoor lighting to protect against criminals, or climate control inside the units to ensure your belongings don’t get damaged due to changes in the weather, such as extreme heat or frigid cold. That’s a lot of peace of mind that collectors get.

Your Business is Growing

It isn’t just individuals or families that can benefit from self-storage units. Entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and even large companies have found that self-storage meets their needs. In some cases, businesses store specialized equipment on a temporary basis. In other instances, they find their office suddenly overflowing with paperwork without the room to store it all. A small storage unit can fit in file cabinets, while larger units can store boxes filled with supplies not yet ready to be shipped. Renting a storage unit when your business is growing can be considerably more cost-effective in the long run than upgrading to a larger office.The bottom line is that self-storage facilities offer short- and long-term options for your home or business, providing a safe and secure location for your belongings. That’s a good reason why self-storage has been one of the fastest-growing industries for decades.

Discover TI Storage for Self-Storage Solutions in NYC

Whatever it is you want to put in storage, we know it’s important to you. If you’re in need of a storage unit and want to be absolutely certain your belongings are safe, security is a top concern at TI Storage. Whatever you want to store, TI Storage has a variety of climate-controlled storage units to suit your needs. Located throughout New York and New Jersey, TI Storage is guaranteed to be the top choice for self-storage near you. Simply locate the Treasure Island Storage in your neighborhood and stop by. Our team of storage solution associates will show you around and help you reserve the unit you need. Contact us today!