Why Self-Storage Is a Top Resource for Starting Your Own Business


TI Storage
March 1st, 2021

Every year, more than 600,000 new businesses open in the United States. Recently, self-storage has become one of the best resources that business owners can have, especially if they are single-handedly running a small business.Working as the owner of a small business, you often need ways to make your life a little bit easier. If you manage a business of any size, a self-storage organization approach could save you time, energy, and money.

What Is Self-Storage?

Any rented storage space that allows you to both access your items and store them on your own time is referred to as self-storage. These spaces are typically managed on a monthly basis, depending on your needs and the terms of the agreement.

How Can Self-Storage Help My Business?

When you think of storage, you might think of organizing and putting away personal items that you wish to keep but currently have no use or space for. Although this is commonly the way that self-storage is used, it is not the only way to leverage it. When it comes to utilizing storage for your business, there are many ways to improve your organization.

1. Store Extra Product or Stock

Many businesses order extra stock to gear up for grand openings, holidays, or events where they will show off their products. While keeping your stock in one place is great for immediate access, it is easy to run out of room. If you find yourself in a position where you have more stock than you can reasonably keep on the sales floor or home, give self-storage a try.

2. Organize Holiday Items

It can be difficult to put away things like themed signage and decorations that come out once a year. Certain products are sold seasonally, and many small business owners struggle to find room for year-round products. Organizing and labeling holiday items in a self-storage unit is a great way to make the holiday roll out that more efficient.

3. Small Business Headquarters

One of the most popular trends among small business owners is to become a vendor at a large outdoor event. These gatherings, sometimes known as “markets,” feature a variety of companies selling their products at booths. Once these events are over, you may be left with a folding table, signs, bags, a tent, and chairs, all of which can take up a great deal of space. Use a self-storage unit to organize your gear in between small business events.

4. Online Sales Made Easy

If you sell your items on the internet, self-storage can be a lifeline for keeping up with orders. Many small businesses pre-package their goods and ship them as soon as an order is placed, but some companies sell personalized products that can take more time to prepare.If you choose to pre-package your products, keep them in self-storage. Even if you create items that are built to order, your self-storage unit can be a great place to house shipping materials.

Find Your Perfect Self-Storage Option at Treasure Island Storage

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