Why Self Storage Units Are Great For College Students


TI Storage
July 8th, 2020

Moving is always a hassle, no matter the occasion. In addition to gathering a willing team of people to help you for the day, there is a lot of heavy lifting of delicate objects, long drives, and tired people. This is without mentioning the costs associated with hiring a moving team, renting a truck for the drive, the gas money, and so much more. It can become exhausting pretty quick. If you are in college and are not savvy with your storage, you have to repeat the moving process to go home in the summer, and back to school again just a few months later for the next semester. That seems like a lot of unnecessary moving. The good news is that there is a simple way to minimize the stress of your moving experience — by using a storage unit. Storage units are becoming more of a necessity among college students these days, for several reasons.

Storage Units Eliminate Travelling Back and Forth Between Your Home and School

As previously mentioned, moving out and back in each semester involves a lot of back and forth trips that can and should be minimized, if not eliminated. With a storage unit, students from out of town can bring more belongings than what their dorm room can fit. This is perfect for out-of-state or international students who may not have the luxury of visiting home every break they get.Even if your parents live nearby, there is still the hassle of relocating all of your belongings in their home, and the increased risk of damaging property each trip. By having a storage unit near your campus, it makes the moving process so much easier! Keep your belongings in the city in which you attend school throughout the summer and return home as you please! Your belongings will not be intruding on your family, friends, or your personal life.

Storage Facilities Make Great Quiet Study Areas

A little known fact about having a self-storage unit is that they make excellent study rooms. The peace and quiet you get from them is unlike all else. Minimum distractions and complete solitude, plus 100% FREE wifi at all Treasure Storage Locations make for zen study sessions. 

Storage Units Are Spacious

Storage units can be quite large in size and can most likely fit all of your belongings. Moving into your dorm or apartment a few hours away from home may mean that you have very limited possessions. If you take advantage of a storage unit, you can bring much more of “home” with you on your college journey. Treasure Island Storage offers units as small as an extra closet to large commercial spaces for businesses. 

Storage Units Are Affordable

Most storage facilities allow a month-to-month lease for residential storage in NYC, so you can rent your unit for the right amount of time without overpaying for space you don’t use. At Treasure Island Storage, you can cancel at any time.

Safety For Your Belongings

Nevermind storing your extra belongings in your car or in your dorm room. There is no telling what kind of people will have access to your room especially with there being untrustworthy roommates parading your living space when you are not home and street criminals who want what’s inside your car. 

Choose a Reliable Storage Facility in New York and New Jersey

With convenient sites in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and in Paterson & Woodbridge, NJ, Treasure Island Storage knows the local neighborhood. Our team members are proud to live and work in the very same neighborhoods as you. Treasure Island Storage offers countless unit sizes in temperature-controlled facilities to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Plus, we offer a 24/7 security system to guard your belongings. We also offer the FREE use of our moving vans!Delivering the best possible customer experience is our primary goal. Our staff and facilities are currently following all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety. Call (646) 603-1505 or complete our contact form to inquire about our available units today! You can also rent your unit and make payments 100% online, so you can stay home and stay safe while getting the storage you need.