TI Storage
June 16th, 2020

Long before storage facilities were appealing, many people identified them to be an unsecured place to store your belongings because of the lack of security and the poorly maintained property. Since the storage industry has made tremendous efforts to rebrand their image to the public. They have put a great deal of money towards redesigning their facilities to make them feel more welcoming.This restructuring has expanded these facilities and driven consumer spending worldwide, all because of its ability to adapt to consumer preferences. The use of attractive amenities has added value to the storage business while growing the number of renters.

Storage Facilities Can Stand Out With New Amenities

In a competitive market, it’s all about staying on top of the newest trends. New amenities can attract tons of new tenants to your business.Storage businesses have reconfigured ways to add in the same amenities that people look for in homes — savvy technology, attention grabbers, and customized unit spaces. Wouldn’t you rather move your valuables into a storage unit that seemed inviting rather than inadequate due to the lack of amenities?Here are some appealing services that modern storage facilities have implemented in their designs:
  • Contactless renting
  • Instant dial access
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Free WiFi
  • High tech security
  • Pristine property maintenance
  • Drive-in loading bays
Storage companies are no longer utilizing builder-grade materials when constructing their facilities. Instead, they have added more high end and luxury appliances such as tile floors, granite countertops, and uncovered ductwork.

Storage Use is Growing Exponentially

With the rapid growth in the storage industry, the demand for more facilities and better amenities is rising. After the recession, people stayed put and saved their money. Now, consumers in the US are buying things in bulk, which inevitably leads to an accumulation of both new and old possessions.Tired of finding themselves constrained by space, more and more people are looking to rent self-storage units for longer periods of time. However, people who need storage don’t want to travel far to gather their belongings. That’s why many storage facilities are available in densely-populated areas.Property developers in charge of building self-storage facilities want storage clients to think of self-storage like shopping, where they can come and go as they please. That’s why storage facilities like Treasure Island Storage make storage convenient!

The Addition of Third-Generation Properties

First and second-generation properties are typically outdated industrial estates that are found in rural areas. While some investors are paying top dollar for ultramodern facilities, others are finding value-added opportunities in these obsolete grounds.As long as they are in decent condition and at a fair price, these older properties have hidden potential, especially, to storage businesses. Many storage companies are trying to find new markets, but are out of luck due to the little land available and the high price to build.Using original property allows companies to upgrade and update them with top-notch products at a fast rate. These renovations may attract more energetic crowds and encourage store popups in less developed neighborhoods where you might reside with your family.

Keep Storage Simple and Safe

At Treasure Island Storage, our added amenities are endless. We’ve helped customers in the New York Tri-State and Northern New Jersey areas store what’s important to them for more than 15 years, and make certain that their belongings are secure. We have a contact-free environment that provides you with express service and instant access to our facilities by renting a storage unit online.Our family-owned business is equipped with an experienced team that is ready to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 347-454-7455 or visit our website to find out about our available units, services, and locations today.