Why Storage Units are so Cost-Effective in the Long Run

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February 17th, 2020

Across the country, the storage industry is booming, reflecting consumer demand for extra space to store a growing number of personal belongings. In a healthy economy, that shows consumers have the ability to purchase things their grandparents might not have been able to afford. More than a few are also discovering there just isn’t enough available space in their home or office for everything they want or need.The ability of consumers to purchase and own possessions they’ve always wanted is just one factor contributing to the rapid growth of the storage industry. The other is that people are recognizing just how economical it is to use storage facilities, especially as cities are growing, and people are increasingly living in tighter quarters. If you’ve started to outgrow your apartment, it’s easy to downsize without getting rid of the things you want to keep. The same is true for any business that’s struggling to find space for everything from supplies to internal documentation. Self-storage eliminates the need to move to a larger apartment or pay a bigger lease on a bigger office. Individuals, families, business owners and contractors alike all have found good reasons to use self-storage.

Why Are So Many in Need of Extra Space?

A growing number of people are starting to need more space to keep their possessions. It can range from college students moving out of their parents’ home into a smaller apartment to retirees downsizing from the home their kids grew up in for a smaller place. Self-storage isn’t always about storing a small number of items. It can include those with expensive wine collections, antique cars, or boats.A small storage unit can serve as an additional closet or office space. It can be the place that a plumber or handyman keeps tools they’re not using at the moment. It can also be large enough to fit a huge collection of recreational equipment. Different people need storage for different reasons, and storage facilities are flexible enough to offer solutions for anyone who might need them.Modern storage facilities have come a long way, offering units of varying sizes that can accommodate anyone’s needs. People can easily upgrade from a small unit to a larger one — and vice versa as their needs change. Units are typically climate-controlled to protect items from extreme temperatures, moisture, and mold. Self-storage facilities also take safety very seriously, investing in high-tech measures like video surveillance, proper outdoor lighting, and front-gate security to ensure whatever you bring there is safely protected. 

What are the Top Benefits of Using Self-Storage?

The protections from environmental damage that a self-storage unit offers today can help make this a better option than using a storage shed in your backyard, which puts your belongings at great risk from the heat or cold. Self-storage is also about convenience. There may be plenty of things we own but don’t use on a regular basis. Some of them may be seasonal, like Halloween or Christmas decorations, or summer outfits and winter clothing. Some of us are avid collectors but don’t have the room at home as our collections keep expanding. Self-storage also becomes a way to help organize our lives more effectively, not having to worry about where to find things if we know they’re safely placed in storage. That eliminates the need to go hunting for what we want.Fortunately, whatever it is you plan to store, you can rent a unit that’s exactly the size you need, thus freeing up space at your home or office for the things you really need.Most importantly, storage units are cost-effective in both the short and long run. When you rent a unit, you’re only paying for the space you need, and it’s available to you for as long as you need it. Anyone who moves frequently will quickly discover that it’s considerably cheaper to store their items inside your unit than transporting them. And self-storage gives you a permanent base for things that still matter to you, someplace where they’ll be safe from both criminals and fluctuations in the weather.  That’s why self-storage is increasingly recognized as being a savvy move for anybody with a lot of possessions.

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