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Treasure Island Storage Blog

Should You Downsize Your Office Space During the Pandemic?

With the economic shock of COVID-19, many businesses are being affected and are looking for cost-cutting options. Since March, most businesses have had employees work from home in what quickly became the new normal. It leads to the question of whether these employees will ever return to the office. If not, should businesses significantly reduce […]

A Guide to Transforming Your Home into a Minimalist Sanctuary

People all over the world are adopting a minimalist lifestyle. This is especially true in their homes. Simplicity, sustainability, and elegance have been increasingly popular trends as minimalists preach the “less is more” motto. But how do you transform your home into a minimalist sanctuary when you have stuff everywhere?  The key is to get […]

4 Self-Storage Mistakes People Make

Self-storage units are great for those looking to stockpile their belongings before a move, declutter their space, or downsize their home. But without the proper care and approach, what was meant to be a straightforward and useful accommodation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Self-storage units are, put simply, a place to hold your stuff. […]

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