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Treasure Island Storage Blog

How Self-Storage Can Help Photographers Grow Their Businesses

Photography is everywhere. The moments and beauty that a simple click can capture are consumed, perceived, shared, and remembered by people worldwide. But, the true power of photography lies beyond the picture itself. The creative process and vision behind a photograph are executed by people—photographers. While photography is usually a rewarding career, it can be […]

A Guide to Transforming Your Home into a Minimalist Sanctuary

People all over the world are adopting a minimalist lifestyle. This is especially true in their homes. Simplicity, sustainability, and elegance have been increasingly popular trends as minimalists preach the “less is more” motto. But how do you transform your home into a minimalist sanctuary when you have stuff everywhere?  The key is to get […]

How to Safely Store Gold at Home

If you own gold—which is, of course, an extremely valuable precious metal—it’s important to contemplate how you will safely and accessibly store it at home. This becomes especially significant when you consider that there is no replacement policy. That is, if you lose your gold, it’s gone forever. The security and welfare of your precious […]

How Self Storage Can Help Your Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

As New York City eyes an end to the Stay At Home orders in June, more and more businesses are beginning to reopen. While no one is certain how the coronavirus pandemic will play out during the summer months, Treasure Island Storage has remained open through this pandemic and can assist your business during these challenging times.

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