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Whether you’re a growing small business or an established family business, a clean and clutter-free working space is fundamental for producing your highest quality work. Companies rarely have enough space to neatly keep equipment, inventory, documents, and everything else it takes to run an operation – especially in New York City. As a business grows, the importance of having a secure storage space grows as well. Having the added benefit of safe storage space nearby makes fetching the things you need at those offhand moments quick and easy.

That’s why Treasure Island Storage offers business storage space at convenient locations throughout the neighborhoods of Queens and the rest of New York City. Use the details below to find more information on the many commercial self-storage options available to you at Treasure Island Storage.

Smart Solutions for Business Storage

For big and small companies calling Queens home, our commercial storage units are a feasible and affordable option to keep all your materials and supplies. At Treasure Island Storage, we have the space you need to grow your business. Our convenient and practical commercial storage units come with the following features:

  • A cutting-edge security system – When it comes to your business, security is our top priority. Our facilities feature 24/7 video surveillance, security doorways, and extra locks available to you on-site
  • Climate-control – Items stay protected in our top-of-the-line facility from extreme temperatures
  • Extended & 24-Hour Access – Ask about our business storage units with exclusive hours to access
  • Free use of our van and additional moving services – Our moving services and easy-to-handle moving vans are here at your disposal. Our moving experts are available for more complex and more extensive moves as well.

Our goal is to provide you with all the accommodations needed to make storing with us simple and beneficial. No matter what the business size or type, let us demonstrate how our convenient storage solutions can simplify your business storage.

Examples of Industries & Businesses that Benefit From our Storage Solutions

Any business can benefit from our storage units. Companies of all varieties trust Treasure Island Storage to safely and securely guard their assets. Industries that commonly use our Queens facilities in Glendale and Ozone Park include:

  • Online Resale Businesses – Resale inventory can quickly overflow a home office. Climate-controlled storage units are usually ideal for keeping stock in pristine shape without fear of water or mildew damage.  Storage units with outdoor drive-up access units are also good options for Online Resale businesses to quickly load up and load out stock goods for sale
  • Restaurants and Catering Services – It can be tricky deciding where to store excess supplies needed to run a food and beverage business. Seasonal items and perishables like spices and wine that don’t need refrigeration can easily be kept away until required at one of Treasure Island Storage’s temperature-controlled storage units
  • Real Estate or Home Staging Businesses – There’s a lot that goes into the business of selling houses. Yard signs and promotional items for “open house” events are often bulky, and furniture used for staging empty houses as cozy homes will quickly crowd you out of your living space. Our business storage solutions with drive-up access are perfect for Realtors who are always on-the-go

There’s a thriving community of small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Queens neighborhood. As a business that started in the family more than 15 years ago, Treasure Island Storage is delighted to be a part of and support the entrepreneurs and other businesses in the Glendale and Ozone Park communities of Queens, New York.

Business and Commercial Self-Storage in Queens

Space and time are limited resources for business owners. That’s why many benefit from the convenience of a business storage unit for their commercial needs. Business owners who turn to Treasure Island Storage for their storeroom needs know their items are safe and accessible. Let our storage experts show you around and help you reserve the unit to match all your company’s needs. 

Our team of storage solution associates is available to help you clear out the clutter so you can get back to business and focus on making your time as productive as possible. Give us a call at 718-395-2984 or make an appointment online to find out more today.




We feature round-the-clock video surveillance and security gates. Add a lock for a little extra protection.


We provide temperature-controlled spaces to protect your items from extreme temperatures.


Individual storage spaces range in sizes from 400 to 10,000 square feet.


We offer complimentary moving services and easy to drive moving vans for up to two hours.


We offer a low-cost, month-to-month policy designed to protect your items and your bottom-line.


Our storage units come in various sizes to accommodate your items—business and personal.